The Definitive Guide to Japanese Kokedama


Making a Japanese Kokedama is a very fun and engaging way of making gardening more creative! But it is not just a pretty face. It is also extremely functional in it's structure. Let's first talk about what is a Kokedama.

What is a Kokedama?

DIY Japanese Kokedama with Video | Creative Gardening | Kitsters

It literally translates to "koke" meaning moss and "dama" meaning ball. It is a Japanese gardening method. It is a made by wrapping the plants roots in a ball of soil, covered by a layer of moss and wrapped securely with jute strings. It is majorly used for small plants and flowering plants. 

Making and keeping these amazing artistic garden pieces can instantly accentuate your aesthetics and create a sense of a greenery anywhere! The kokedama has experienced a sudden hike in interest recently as a form of modern art.

Material Needed to Make the Kokedama?

DIY Japanese Kokedama with Video | Creative Gardening | Kitsters

1. Plotting Mix 

This mix contains growing soil along with organic fertiliser and some coco peat, all rolled into one for you to effortlessly grow your plants. This mix also ensure that your plants will get the right nutrients to grow well. 

2. Moss

It is one of the most important components of the kokedama. This holds all the soil together and also ensure that the soil remains moist. Once you water the moss, the moss ensures water retention and keeps giving the plant a constant supply of water. 

3. Jute String

This will help you securely fasten your moss around the soil and hold it all together, otherwise your kokedama will fall apart. You can also use the same string to create a structure for the kokedama to hang effortlessly.

4. Scissors & Water Spray

The water spray is essential to not over water the plants. Excessive watering may lead the plants to die. This water spray helps you evenly distribute water throughout the kokedama. Scissors will help you cute the excessive jute out of your kokedama. 

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How to Make A Kokedama?

DIY Japanese Kokedama with Video | Creative Gardening | Kitsters

1. Choose the Plant

You can practically use any plant in a kokedama but the ideal ones are the small ones like a succulent or spider plants. Make sure the plant that you use thrives well in shade and does not need too much water. The small and hardy ones do very well.

2. Dig the Plant

Once you have chosen your plant. De-pot the plant and remove it from the pot that it was growing in. Make sure that you are exposing the root system nicely. 

3. Create a ball of soil

Now take the plotting mix and create a ball like structure around the roots. Make sure that you are not doing it too firmly and have left it a little airy for the roots to breathe. 

4. Apply the moss

Once you have created your ball, now its time to layer it with the moss. Make sure that the ball of soil is completely covered in moss. 

5. Encircle it with a Jute String

Use the jute string and go round and round in all directions over the moss and fasten the soil and the moss in place. Secure the last end of the jute and voila! Your Kokedama is ready. 

6. Place it or Hang it

You can either place this in a dish and put it on your table or you can just extend the jute string and hang it anywhere. They look extremely aesthetic and are very low maintenance.

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