Guide to Creating Crafts with Resin

Do’s and Don’ts of Crafts with Resin

Are you ready to get your hands dirty by trying some crafts with resin art with the Kitsters Kits? Resin art is a versatile and exciting medium that helps you see that creative side of yourself helping create stunning and glossy masterpieces.

But like any other creative experience, you can’t just jump on doing it directly. To make the most of your artistic experience there are various things that you have to be careful about.

Keeping them in mind, here is what will make your experience much more fun.

1. Choose the right one:

DIY Crafts with Resin | DIY Kits for Adults | Kitsters

Before you start working with your resin craft, be sure that you select the right type of resin. You get resin for home beginners, resin for artists, resin for commercial artists, commercial resin (used for construction). The resin in the Kitsters DIY Kit is not just of the best quality but is non-commercial epoxy resin suitable for beginners. Before you choose the one for you, understand the time period you will be working for and the size of the artwork that you will be creating.

2. Read the instructions properly:

DIY Crafts with Resin | DIY Kits for Adults | Kitsters

Every Kitsters DIY Resin Kit comes with specific instructions in the form of a detailed video tutorial that will guide you from mixing to pouring to creating marvels with it. Follow these guidelines meticulously to have the best experience. I still remember the day when one of our clients mentioned how the easy instructions in our kit made their experience much more smooth. One of the most important instructions when it comes to Resin is about the proportions. Always check the instructions and the label of the resin bottles. The mixing proportion of the chemical and the hardener are different for different manufacturers. They could be in the ratio of 1:1, 1:2 or even 1:3. Read the label carefully and watch the video tutorial to understand how it is to be done. Another thing that you need to know is whether the resin is to be measured in the ratio according to volume or weight. Don’t worry, all this might seem very technical but it is very easy to understand. All this is clearly explained in the video tutorial in the DIY Kit.

3. Have your workspace ready:

DIY Crafts with Resin | DIY Kits for Adults | Kitsters

Set up a dedicated and well ventilated workspace for your resin project. Cover surfaces with messy mat (provided in the kit) to protect them from spills. Adequate ventilation is also crucial, so work in an area where you don’t feel suffocated and it has good airflow.


4. Use extra safety gear:

DIY Crafts with Resin | DIY Kits for Adults | Kitsters

Just reading instructions is not sufficient. Prioritise your safety by wearing appropriate protective gear like hand gloves, aprons and safety glasses. Kitsters DIY Kits prioritises your well-being and our kits include the right safety gear to ensure you have a secure and creative process. Also make sure that your working space is secure by using the messy mat in the kit.


5. Don’t forget to seal the back of your resin art:

DIY Crafts with Resin | DIY Kits for Adults | Kitsters

The open side of the silicone mould becomes the back or bottom of your resin artwork. Once your resin art is ready, don't leave it in the open. Seal the back with a clear coat to ensure the longevity of it. This additional layer provides extra protection to your creativity against scratches, sudden mishaps and even environmental factors. Also store it in a place with no disturbance and no dust. Once the dust or other particles settle on the resin layer and dry with it, you can’t really separate or remove them.

While these were things that could make the process easier, don't ever make the mistake of making the following blunders:


One common mistake that we have seen people making is over pouring which leads to uneven surfaces and excess waste. Follow the recommended measurements and ratios provided to you in the DIY Kit to achieve the desired thickness without wasting materials.

Ignoring Safety Precautions:

Having fun is important but that does not mean you can compromise on your safety. Just because you might have done it before or are confident does not mean you won’t wear your safety gear.

Mixing the wrong way:

Improperly mixed resin can result in sticky or soft spots in your artwork. Thoroughly mix the resin and hardener according to the instructions provided to you in your Kitsters DIY Kit. You can also use a timer to ensure accurate mixing times. The more you mix, the lesser chances of bubbles.

Using the wrong materials:

Some materials may not be compatible with resin and can cause unwanted reactions. Avoid using materials that may release gases or interfere with the curing process. Kitsters DIY Kits are designed to work seamlessly with the included materials.

Rushing the curing process:

DIY Crafts with Resin | DIY Kits for Adults | Kitsters

When you are working with resin you have to be very patient. Rushing the curing process can result in bubbles, uneven surfaces or incomplete curing. Follow the recommended curing times provided in your Kitsters Kit to have a flawless finish.

Sitting back after a hectic schedule with a DIY Kit that gives you all to have fun is a therapeutic process in itself. When you follow what is mentioned and are mindful of every action you take, you will create masterpieces that will blow your mind.

Good artwork is a result of careful preparation, adherence to instructions and a dash of creativity. Open your kits and jump in, because now you are ready to get your hands dirty. Create amazing home crafts with it and amp up your home decor with it.

These kits are also unique gift ideas for your friends and family! You can get the whole fam together and make them do something really really cool. These DIY arts and crafts Kits are also great as return gift ideas! You can also add this to you list of things to do with your boyfriend or girlfriend!

We have 5 fantastic Resin Craft DIY Kits to choose from!

1. DIY Resin Coaster Kit


DIY Resin Coaster Kit | DIY Kits for Adults | Kitsters | Crafts with Resin


2. DIY Resin Trinket Tray Kit

DIY Resin Trinket Tray Kit | DIY Kits for Adults | Kitsters

3. DIY Resin Pen Stand Kit

DIY Resin Trinket Tray | DIY Kits for Adults | Kitsters

4. DIY Instant UV Resin Dog Tag Kit

DIY UV Dog Tag Resin Kit | DIY Kits for Adults | Kitsters

5. DIY Instant UV Resin Pendant Kit

DIY UV Resin Pendant Kit | DIY Kits for Adults | Kitsters

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