Top 5 Kits to Make Your Date Night Super Fun!

Thursdays are the days one starts thinking about what to do over the weekend. What plans to create and where to go. You want to try new things with your partner, explore, do something that can connect you to them instantly. But given our busy schedules and the lack of good options, our top choices usually remain the same for most of us, "Should we go for a movie? Maybe some 'romantic' candle light dinner after that?" and then that's it.

Even if you go to the fanciest restaurants, you feel like there's something missing. You keep thinking about what new to talk about? How to re-ignite that spark, those conversations that you would have when you were just starting to get to know each other and everything was exciting. After all, intimacy is not only about sex. It's about sharing an experience together, creating a precious memory together, feeling that connection to one another. 💗

Well, don't worry. We have the perfect solution for you! 96% couples feel closer after using these kits ✨

Here are our Top 5 Kits that will bring the fun, excitement and butterflies to your Date Night!

1. DIY Perfume Making Kit
DIY Perfume making Kit by Kitsters | Best kit for gifting

This kit has everything you need to make your own perfumes at home. It comes with a step by step video and a manual that teaches you about the art of perfumery! Create a perfume for each other or make one together! Select thr fragrances that each of you would like and seal your love in a unique fragrance!  

2. DIY Texture Painting Kit

DIY Texture Painting Art & Craft Kit for Adults

Try your hands at a new art form together! The best part about this kit is that you don't need to be an artist or know art at all to be able to create absolute marvels! It's a very simple but absolutely fun kit where you can create amazing designs with cement-based paints on canvas. You can frame these or just put them up on the wall with double-tape. We also give you small easels in the kit so that you can display your work anywhere you want! Paint your love on a canvas and get artsy!

3. DIY Resin Coaster Kit


DIY Resin Coaster Making Kit with Video | Kitsters


Create the most beautiful coasters with this kit. You can create the coasters with cute things like rose petals because roses are the first thing that he got you or some small trinket you picked up on your first trip together or anything that reminds you of each other. Seal them in your forever coasters and create the most romantic gesture together! The kit has a very simple to follow video that teaches you how to do everything step by step, whenever you want! 

4. DIY Handmade Pasta Kit

Kitsters | DIY Handmade Pasta Kit with Video, Make Italian pasta at home with chef, date night kit for adults

Add the exotic food experience to your date night and make it very interesting with this kit. Learn how to create your own fettuccini, spaghettini, lasagne from scratch! The videos in this kits are by Chef Andrea Misseri, born and brought up in Italy! Book your private cooking experience with him through this kit. The kit comes with a pasta machine that makes you create pasta from dough!

5. DIY Jar Candle Kit

Scented Candles Making kit with soy wax, DIY Kit with video that teaches you step by step. Date night art & craft kit for adults

Create the most amazing scented jar candles and use them in your house! It is such a fun process and you can choose your own candle colours, choose your fragrances and create something that will stay with the both of you as a constant memory of all the fun you have together! 

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How does the kit make your life much easier? 💁🏻‍♀️

  • The DIY Kit has practically everything you need in it. 
  • It has a recorded video that teaches you everything step by step. 
  • There is a QR code in the kit, you just have to scan the QR code and you get instant access to the video! 

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