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DIY Handmade Paper Making Kit | DIY Art & Craft Kits | Kitsters

DIY Handmade Paper Kit

Rs. 1,049
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! This is exactly what this DIY Kits helps you do! ♻️ Reduce waste by using used papers from notebooks/ newspapers. Reuse them by Recycling them and turning them into...
DIY Devanagari Calligraphy Kit

DIY Devanagari Calligraphy Kit

Rs. 1,699 Rs. 1,499
Learn Devanagari Calligraphy with Master Calligrapher Achyut Palav. He has a massive experience of over 40 years in the field of Calligraphy. He has taught all over the world including...
DIY Shadu Mati Eco-Friendly Ganpati Kit | DIY Art & Craft Kits | Kitsters

DIY Shadu Mati Ganpati Kit

Rs. 999
  Honour and worship Lord Ganesha by choosing to save the planet! Get this DIY Kit and learn how to create a beautiful eco-friendly Shadu Mati Murti (idol) with it...
DIY Terracotta Plate Painting Kit | DIY Art & Craft Kit | Kitsters

DIY Terracotta Plate Painting Kit

Rs. 999
This kit helps you turn terracotta plates into beautiful paintings! You can place these plates on the plate holder (given in the kit) and put them up in the house, on...
DIY Dot Mandala Coaster Making Kit | DIY Art & Craft Kit for Adults | Kitsters

DIY Dot Mandala Kit

Rs. 699
Mandala Art Kit will help you relax, meditate and create 4 amazing dot mandala coasters all by yourself! This art form or art technique stems from the Buddhist movement and...
DIY Lippan Art Coaster Kit | DIY Art & Craft Kit | Kitsters

DIY Lippan Art Kit

Rs. 799
Lippan art is a traditional art form of Gujarat. Lippan means clay or dung in Gujarathi.  Lippan Kaam is essentially mud-relief work that incorporates mirrors. It is used to beautify...
DIY Block Printing Kit (Tote Bag)

DIY Block Printing Kit (Tote Bag)

Rs. 849
Block printing is a beautiful art form of Rajasthan that uses wooden blocks to create repetitive uniform designs on fabric. Learn this beautiful ancient art form and start creating your...
DIY Warli Kulhad Kit | DIY Art & Crafts Kit | Quick Warli Steps Tutorial | Kitsters

DIY Warli Kulhad Painting Kit

Rs. 449
👩🏼‍🎨 Learn the beautiful folk art of Maharashtra from the third generation Warli artist from Thanapada! The kit comes with a video that teaches you about warli art and how to paint...
DIY Diya Decoration Kit | DIY Arts & Crafts Kit | Kitsters

DIY Diya Decoration Kit

Rs. 399
Create amazing bling painted diyas for Diwali and other occasions. Design and decorate diyas with the beautiful rhinestones in the kit. You can paint it the way you like and...
Explore authentic Indian DIY arts and crafts kits. Discover our Devanagari Calligraphy kit by Achyut Palav, Dot Mandala, Lippan art kits and many more! Explore various territories across India through the kits and learn about the rich Indian culture and heritage. Get your kits today! The kit has a recorded video which teaches you how to create these amazing arts at home.