How Anisha Used DIY To Host The Most Fun 1st Birthday For Her Daughter

Anisha Jain is our Kitster Super Mom from Lucknow, India. Her little princess, Liyana was turning one and she wanted to host her birthday party in the most special way. After all the firsts are always special. She wanted to host the party for all her friends and family. From Liyana's grandparents and their friends to her friends, family and their children. 

It certainly was a daunting task because there were so many age groups, over 150 people and something needed to be done to keep everyone engaged. That's where Kitsters came to her rescue. We hosted 4 different activity stalls for all different age groups to come and do something fun!

Birthday party activity ideas by Kitsters | DIY Activitites | DIY Kits

 Besides the most elegant Tiffany's decor, the DIY Stations turned out to be a super hit for all ages. They got to spend time creating something cool and take it back home! The activities definitely became the showstopper after Liyana and her cuteness! 

Anisha Jain | Kitsters | DIY Themed First Birthday Party | Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

We hosted these 4 DIY Activity Stations for her birthday party:

1. Terracotta Plate Painting 


Terracotta Plate Painting Kit | DIY Kits for Adults & Kids | Kitsters


Terracotta Plate painting is a super fun activity for kids! They get to explore and create something on a completely new surface. A canvas that they have never explored before. The paints dry up very quickly on terracotta too! The kids could then take their creations home and flaunt it. Check out the kit here.

2. Mug Marbling 


DIY Mug Marbling Kit | DIY Kits for Adults & Kids | Kitsters


Mug Marbling is one of the quickest and most fun activities because every time you marble a mug it is like magic. You never know what the final design will look like until you actually make it! This activity is loved by both adults and kids alike. Check out the kit here

3. Baby Printing


DIY Baby Printing Kit | DIY Kits for Adults & Kids | Kitsters


The little ones made these super cute baby prints and took them home. After all, they are going to be little only once! These cute prints can be displayed anywhere at home or on small easels and become a great memorabilia. Check out the kit here.  

4. Dough Soap Making 


DIY Dough Soap Making Kit | DIY Kits for Kits | Kitsters
They also made the cutest colourful dough soaps with organic and natural ingredients! They had so much fun getting their gloves messy and creating these amazing colourful soaps. Check out the kit here. 


She also got the coolest return gifts for the kids according to their age group. Want to host the coolest party in town? Need ideas for your themed birthday party? Turn it into the coolest DIY Party! Connect with us and let us help you: