How Sahil Bansal Became Famous In Iskcon Temple with DIY Kits!

Here’s one of success stories of a Kitster living in Pune, Sahil Bansal. He is an engineer who had never tried art in his life but in the Diwali of 2022, he wanted to try something new. It was his Diwali resolution to push himself to try something completely out of his comfort zone and create something marvellous. Sahil didn’t have high hopes because he didn’t think he could be creative but this is where he was wrong!

He got two kits: A detailed Devanagari Calligraphy kit by Achyut Palav and a Lippan Art Kit. He absolutely loved how easy the Devanagari Kit was for him to follow and learn with the help of the video and the guide book. With this kit, he knew it is going to be a longer journey because it is definitely a skill that requires practice and patience but he knew he was excelling well. And that he was proud of himself for doings so! 

DIY Lippan Art Kit Devanagari Calligraphy DIY Kit Kitsters

The true turning point for him came with the Lippan Art Kit. He was extremely skeptical to do it because he had absolutely not painted in a very long time and here he was with a daunting task. He decided he wanted to try two things out. He first made a lippan art coaster with the sunflower theme and it turned out so well!

Once he had earned his confidence, he went to create one with Lord Jagannath’s face in the centre. And we can’t get over how pretty it looked! The high priest at the Iskcon Temple in Pune thought so too. 

DIY Lippan Art Kit for Adults | DIY Kits for Adults | Kitsters

Sahil decided to show the coaster to his high priest when he visited the temple. The priest loved it so much that he decided that the idol had to be adorned with the coaster and he came up with the idea of turning it into a necklace. They attached a long ribbon to the coaster, making it the centre piece of the necklace and placed it around the idol's neck for everyone to see and admire. They even put up a picture about it on the temple's instagram page! (How cool is the temple!). 

DIY Lippan Art Kit | DIY Kits for Adults | Kitsters

Sahil became famous amongst the good folks of the Iskcon temple and was praised by people of his community! Kudos to our dear Kitster Sahil for creating magic and conquering his fears! 

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