Crafting Experiences: Kitsters X MUJI at NMACC’s ‘Liminal Gaps’

At Kitsters, we are always on the lookout for new art experiences happening in town, and when Mumbai’s art scene was being dominated by the ‘Liminal Gaps’ exhibit at the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre (NMACC), we couldn’t resist. 

‘Liminal Gaps’ was a contemporary visual art show exploring transitional spaces exclusively by Indian artists. Conceptual artists and art groups such as Ayesha Singh, Raqs Media Collective, Asim Waqif, and Afrah Shafiq took the center stage, exhibiting across four floors at the Art House. The exhibition was an immersive treat for the audience, moving them to experience the art through site-specific installations, interactive sonic experiences, and video games.

To complement this experiential exhibit, Kitsters partnered with MUJI to set up collaborative stalls at the NMACC. These stalls, happening weekly, conducted a variety of engaging DIY activities, including:


1. Terracotta Painting:

 An activity perfect for non-artists and beginners to create something unique. Through this activity, guests got to paint their own unique designs on a Terracotta Plates. 

 Kitsters | Exciting DIY Stations | Terracotta Plate Painting


2. Customized Promise Tags:

 With this activity you not only create unique art pieces but also something that holds sentimental value. These Promise Tags gave the guests a chance to take home something truly valuable. 

 Kitsters | Exciting DIY Stations | Promise Tag Making


3. Sand Art:

Sand Art Making is an activity that provides a visually aesthetic look to your creations. During this activity, guests made vibrant landscapes, intricate patterns and many more beautiful designs.

 Kitsters | Exciting DIY Stations | Sand Art


4. Postcard Making:

 This activity is the perfect way to express your love, whether you're sending it to someone or keeping it as a memento. Guests customized their post cards with beautiful designs and wrote the sweetest letters. 

 Kitsters | Exciting DIY Stations | Postcard Making


5. Origami:

 A relaxing and stress-busting activity - Origami is perfect to unwind after a hectic week and the guests did exactly that! Trying out new and different shapes they went all in to create their own origami!

 Kitsters | Exciting DIY Stations | Origami


6. Gelli Printing:

Create vibrant designs and let your creativity flow with this Gelli Printing activity! Even the guests at NMACC couldn't resist from making these beautiful paintings. Given how easy they are to make it was truly a hit at the exhibit!

 Kitsters | Exciting DIY Stations | Gelli Printing


7. Ceramic Bowl Painting:

This activity combines functionality and creativity where you create beautiful personalized tableware. The guests made some amazing designs on their ceramic bowls and took home something that was uniquely theirs!

 Kitsters | Exciting DIY Stations | Ceramic Bowl Painting


These workshops offered visitors a hands-on opportunity to create their own art pieces through easy-to-make activities, making art accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

At Kitsters, we believe that art should be experienced by everyone, not just through observation but also through participation. Our DIY Stations are designed to be inclusive, welcoming people of all ages and skill levels. Whether you're a seasoned artist or just a beginner, our activities provide a platform for creativity and self-expression. The collaboration with MUJI was the cherry on top for this experience, as their minimalist and thoughtful design philosophy aligns perfectly with our mission to promote creativity and mindfulness through art.

To experience DIY crafts yourself, you can always visit and get yourself a DIY kit to try something new at home! Our kits are designed for you to have fun at your own convenience.