How Kitsters Helped MUJI Attract More Customers To Their Store!

Kitsters helped MUJI get more customers to their store by effectively organising fun and engaging experiences! We leveraged MUJI's minimal aesthetics combined with Japanese Culture to host interactive DIY Stations for the store. Checkout how we were able to achieve this below: 

Bringing Japanese Calligraphy Artists to the Flagship Store Opening

At the launch of MUJI's flagship store opening in Jio World Plaza, we invited Japanese calligraphy artists to come and offer a glimpse of Japanese traditions and culture to the customers. Their live demonstrations drew curious shoppers and art lovers alike to experience the cultural richness MUJI.

Kitsters X MUJI | Japanese Calligraphers | DIY Stations


Curating Fun DIY Activities Inspired by Japanese Art

We organised 10+ DIY activities inspired by Japanese art forms at the MUJI store. From Origami to Washi Tape Making, these activities were not just fun but also engaging. They gave customers a chance to engage with Japanese culture firsthand, making their store visit more memorable.  

Kitsters X MUJI | Washi Tape Making | DIY Stations

Hosting DIY Stations at Key Locations

To extend the reach beyond the store, we placed MUJI DIY stations at popular cultural venues. For instance, setting up near the 'Liminal Gaps' exhibit at NMACC. Guests who took part in the activities received vouchers which encouraged them to visit MUJI’s store This blended creative activities with a practical incentive to shop.

Kitsters X MUJI | Promise Tag Making | DIY Stations | NMACC


Making MUJI Cafe a Fun And Exciting Space!

We made MUJI’s cafe a place where people could have fun while they sip on some coffee! We set up a dedicated space for DIY Crafts at the cafe for a period of 3 weeks. Customers enjoyed creating things and got MUJI coupons for the cafe as a bonus. This made their experience even better and encouraged them to check out MUJI’s store afterward.

Kitsters X MUJI | Plaza Playland | DIY Stations | Jio World Plaza


Through these activities, Kitsters helped MUJI go beyond traditional marketing by connecting with customers through shared cultural experiences. By showcasing Japanese traditions and offering engaging activities, we not only attracted new visitors but also strengthened loyalty among existing customers.

Do you also want to do something fun at your stores? Look no further! At Kitsters we are committed to providing a fun and engaging experience through our collaborations - reach out to us today!