3 DIY Activities To Host the Perfect Birthday Party for your Girlfriend

Now you there, I see you looking for ideas to make your girlfriend's birthday a special day for her, she is really lucky to have you and you are really fortunate to have us here with some of the best DIY kits that will definitely help you take your party a notch higher. Birthdays are always a cherished occasion, so here are some activity ideas from us to help you host the perfect birthday party for your girlfriend and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Cocktails at home


Unique Gift Ideas | DIY Cocktail Infusion Kit


Not at all starting on a sober note, if you and your girlfriend are people who enjoy a little buzz and want to have some no-effort and tasty drinks for her birthday then this kit is your one stop solution for it. The DIY vodka infusion kit comes with everything you need to create 5 amazing infused cocktails:

  • Kafir Lime & Lemongrass
  • Saffron Rose
  • Bluepea Flower & Spearmint
  • Hibiscus & Orange
  • Lavender & Star Anise

The mixes are ready to use and all you have to do is add your choice of white spirit (gin, vodka, white rum, tequila) and you are good to go. Enjoy drinking games and activities with these homemade cocktails that your girlfriend and friends will have a gala time sipping. A great activity to have is playing ‘ Never have I ever’ to stir up some fun at the party and have a blast with your girlfriend and close ones. Drink away people.

A Memory Tote Bag


Unique Gift Ideas | DIY Tote Bag Painting


Now for my artistic crowd, this is for you if your girlfriend and your group of friends love painting and art. So instead of just bringing in gifts, why not make your girlfriend a special gift right at home. A fun activity to do with the DIY tote bag painting kit, would be to have everyone draw/paint something that symbolises the bond between them and our lovely birthday girl. This way, you not only get a lovely tote bag but also a personalized gift that carries some emotion. Honestly, the process of revisiting memories and bonds will bring a sense of joy and happiness to the party which in reality is the best gift of all. So grab this kit if you wanna make your girls’ day filled with happy memories, chit chats and tote bags.

A Homemade Italian Treat


Unique Gift Ideas | DIY Handmade Pasta Kit


Now don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten our dear introvert/private couples who love each other's company rather than a band of people hooting around them. A very special and intimate birthday activity could be cooking a meal together before having it, and what screams intimacy more than Italian food. This DIY handmade pasta kit  comes with all the ingredients you need to make spaghetti, spaghettini, fettuccine, lasagna, and a few basic sauces. The kit is beginner friendly, so don't worry if your greatest skill in the kitchen is boiling water, the detailed instructions and videos will help you make the most flavorsome meal for you and your girlfriend. Sei il benvenuto, amico mio.

So go ahead and make your girlfriends’ birthday extra special with these DIY kits from www.kitsters.in and you can always look for more ideas on the website.