How Kitsters is Helping Google & LinkedIn India Engage Their Employees

The 21st century has brought with it a wave of growth, development and connectivity like no other. We have grown and seen more changes in the past 2 decades than we have seen in the whole century! With the internet availability and half the world's population being able to access it, we are more connected than ever.

The world is becoming a place where there is a job available for anyone and everyone across the globe to work from anywhere. In this time and age where we see exponential growth for any company that has been able to establish itself on the internet, we also see decline in the number of years an employee spends in/ with a company. 

Companies everywhere are facing higher attrition rates than ever. Why is that so? There are many factors that contribute to it but one reason that stands out the most is employee morale and engagement

How happy is the employee working at your company? How excited/ motivated do they feel about the work that they are doing or the environment they are in? People these days are skipping Maslow's basic levels of need and heading straight for the top rungs. Self-actualisation. How do they fit in the bigger picture? What is the bigger picture for them at the company? How engaged do they feel with your brand or your company? 

The answers to these questions truly decide which company gets to hire and retain the top talent. Google & LinkedIn are the industry biggies across the globe. They are standard-setters when it comes to employee life and engagement. 

Here's how they engaged their employees throughout the year using Kitsters Activities! 

Welcome Back To Office

Welcome Back Party at Google employees in India after covid-19 hosted by Kitsters

Google India celebrated officially welcoming it's employees back to office after Covid-19. They wanted to infuse fun back into the workplace and wanted the employees to feel comfortable and happy in office. We hosted multiple DIY Stations for them across all 6 Google Campuses in India for all 5,000 Google Employees. 

Each activity was about 10-20 mins long. They got to learn something quickly and create! Towards the end of the entire session, they had created 3 amazing things that they were proud of. The energy in the room was so infectious! 

Celebrating World Environment Day

Handmade paper making activity for LinkedIn employees by Kitsters

We hosted a hybrid workshop for all LinkedIn offices and employees across India. For the employees who were working from home, we delivered kits to their door and for the ones who were in-office, we sent out big party boxes. To celebrate the world environment day, we hosted a very unique handmade paper making workshop. In this DIY Activity, they got to recycle old newspaper and create brand new coloured seed papers! We taught them the technique and got everyone to do it in offices and at home! 

Everyone was so excited and astonished at the process and how easily they could recycle their old papers and create new ones themselves! 

Diwali at Google Office

Diya decoration activity at Google India Office By Kitsters

Google India wanted to celebrate the festival of lights in their campuses and really brought the spirit of Diwali home by creating a whole bazaar in office. We hosted the uber cool Diya Decoration Station where everyone could come and try out different techniques of decorating diyas and take them home. People experimented with so many different things and got so excited about it! 

Perfumery Lab for LinkedIn Managers 

DIY Perfume Making Station at LinkedIn Office by Kitsters

LinkedIn was hosting a conference for it's Managers in Mumbai and needed a unique experience that could give them a breather in the middle of the conference. We hosted a Perfumery Lab for them where they got to understand various fragrances, the fragrance wheel and customised their own perfumes! It was a much needed breath of fragrant air for them! 

Fun Friday at the Office!

Tshirt spray painting and mug doodling activity at Google India Office by Kitsters

Sometimes, you don't need an occasion to celebrate. Google wanted to do something fun for their employees who had been hard at work. They wanted to induce some fun in the space and their team. We hosted a super fun DIY T-shirt Spray Painting table and Mug doodling table where people came and created their own art work! We have never seen happier faces before. 

Want to organise something like this at your office?

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