The Most Unique Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones

We know about the different love languages but giving gifts has to be one of the most special love languages that one adopts to express their love. A gift may not necessarily be an expensive one but the thought and relevance of that gift is what actually makes it special, I mean, who would prefer a show piece over a hand written letter?! So now, to help you with the dilemma of what to gift, here is some handpicked gift ideas from our Kitsters gift bag.

DIY Sushi Kit

DIY Authentic Sushi Kit | Food DIY Kits | Kitsters

For all the sushi lovers who maybe don’t want to explore multiple places till you get your taste, here is your DIY sushi kit for a lovely Japanese meal right at home. This gift is surely a great activity to do with your loved one since cooking in many ways, is a very special and intimate activity. Whether it’s your parents, friends or your partner, cooking always brings people close. So why not gift this “fishy” DIY kit to your loved one and maybe cook up a new side to your relationships.

DIY Perfume Kit

DIY Perfume Making Kit | Art & Craft Kits | Kitsters

Do you know what’s better than a good smelling perfume? A DIY perfume! Cause, instead of the standard fragrances available for all you now have a unique fragrance that you get to create with a mixture of amazing essential oils. A very personal, meaningful and unique gift for your loved ones and in a way, you leave your essence behind with it.

DIY T-Shirt Spray Paint Kit

DIY Tie Dye T-Shirt Spray Painting Kit | Art & Craft Kit | Kitsters

A really fun and creative gift idea that can be used for return gifts for your parties and get-togethers or a personal fun birthday gift. With instructions there to help you with the kit, let your creativity take flight. A great gift for kids and adults alike, what you paint is your choice!

DIY Chocolate Making Kit

DIY Chocolate Making Kit | Food DIY Kit | Kitsters

Fun fact, chocolates release the same hormones in our body that make us feel love, I guess that’s why it can never be a bad idea to gift someone chocolates, or even better a DIY chocolate making kit! They say the sweetest chocolate is the one you make with love, so why not have this experience with your close ones. With dairy free chocolate that satisfies your sweet tooth, we ensure you have all you need to make your sweet treat.

All the DIY kits come with video and written instruction to guide you through the process. A quick and fun touch to the monotony of gifts, that causes more investment into it, from the receiver. Do check out the above mentions and many more such lovely DIY gifts at, happy gifting!